Can’t we have expectations ?

My perception on Expectation!

Every single writer, motivational speaker and most of people prefer to use this statement ” Never keep expectations ” so that we won’t be getting hurt in future.
We are human being and we are made in such a way so that we can express our emotions whether in the form of happiness, feelings & gratitude or may be frustration.
Hope or expectation from life, keep us alive like a human being and without expectations, we are nothing but robots with flesh and bone.

My feedback is completely opposite to this and whenever someone say this statement to me, the only question I have “why not!”

Let me share you my perception behind this question? But before that I have a simple question to all readers, “Are you sure, you have stopped expecting no matter whatever the context is? ” Pls do question this to yourself and then you will get the answer, whether we are saying just to keep ourselves away from those things which we wanted to keep things away from us.

Each & every stage of life, we expect. When we are kids, we expect our parents to support us interms of emotionally & financially. Is there anyone, who can deny this? When we grow up, during our educational life we expect to have close friends, good percentage or anything we like to pursue depending on our interest.
When we start our professional career, we expect to earn handsome salary in our hand, career growth from the organisation we work for or increasing revenues from our business. Have you heard anyone saying ” I don’t expect postion or good earnings ” ?
Leave these huge examples & let me ask simple ones.
Don’t we expect the quality of products from the shop we purchase , from medical centers when it comes to our health condition, from restaurants to get hygiene and delicious food..etc. Yes, we do because we invest our money on these and keep our expectations on quality while we receive.
In every single thing, we expect wherever we invest something.

But when we talk about relationship, where we invest our feelings ( the precious thing for a human being) then easily we say ” don’t have expectation from anyone to avoid any kind of attachments.”

If we are close to someone then definitely we have evolved our emotions which leads to expectations.

But nowadays & specially in this social media era where 90% people keep themselves busy with the fake world then it’s obvious that they are not even close or true to themselves.
If we can’t have a true connection with ourselves or we can’t love ourselves then how can we have that bonding with others. Just to avoid a connection and people are so overpractical nowadays, this statement is used as an excuse and day-by-day, we are becoming robots or emotionless human being.

Yes, I am a human being full of feelings, I invest my emotions to my loved ones and keep expectations from them.
Yes, I was hurt by many and that’s the process of life. If I won’t realise the feelings of being hurt then how would I perceive the feelings of being loved. And having expectation doesn’t mean, someone’s life will be controlled or we are obsessed by someone. It’s just, we expect our loved ones to be with us.

उम्मीद पर दुनिया कायम है..
Hope keeps the world alive..

✍🏻 Prabhamayee Parida

Quote -: An attitude of positive expectation is the mark of the superior personality. -: Brian Tracy

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